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ImpactUK is a proprietary framework designed to help UK organisations measure and value their social value activities.

The framework is a collection of metrics, proxy values and guidance documents designed in conjunction with a consortium of Social Value Experts. It draws upon guidance from the UK government and a range of social value bodies and thought leaders.

The ImpactUK framework is aligned to the UK governments ‘Social Value Model’ and PPN06/20. In additional to these, the framework includes a range of custom proxy values which allow organisations to convert the social impact they are creating into a financial value.

ImpactUK is maintained by Thrive Social Value, a software platform to assist the collection, reporting and auditing of social value projects and initiatives. Click here to learn more about Thrive Social Value.





Impact UK
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Aligned to PPN06/20

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Proxy values to measure financial value

Created by a consortium of social value advisors

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