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Capture, Calculate and Demonstrate Your Metrics & Social Value

The need to report on different metrics and Social Value is increasing at pace, in order to meet both internal targets and client demands. Social Value reporting is becoming increasingly important.

Thrive’s flexible, yet easy to use platform allows you to capture all your metrics, understand the financial value and seamlessly demonstrate this to others.

Thrive’s approach is a revolution for organisations struggling to manage and celebrate their social value.




Dashboards & Reporting


Market Leading Data Collection & Auditing

Flexible Metrics & Calculation Frameworks


Product – Configurable Metrics & Proxy Values

Configurable Metrics & Proxy Values

Be up and running in minutes by using off the shelf metrics, proxies and frameworks, or create your own!

You have full flexibility to track any type of metric that is important to your organisation, set targets that matter and get continual feedback on the social value generated.


Product – Full Support

Full Support


Full Support

Our software solution can be backed up by a full support service.

Our team of experienced social value advisors can guide you through system configuration; selection of metrics and proxy values / calculation frameworks; as well as providing a third party auditing service.

Full social value strategy consulting can also be delivered by our partners.

Product – Tailored Dashboards & Reporting

Tailored Dashboards & Social Value Reporting

Our flexible reporting system allows you to focus in on what really matters, including dashboard overviews of key metrics, targets and projects plus the ability to ‘deep-dive’ into all of your data.

Easily bring to life qualitative and quantitative data by creating rich reports for management, client or investor presentations.

Social Value reporting has never been so easy.


Product – Market Leading Data Collection

Data Collection


Market Leading Data Collection

Easily collect metric data from all internal staff and from right across your supply chain.

Our advanced data collection functionality avoids underreporting by automatically tracking and following up participating stakeholders to ensure you get the data you need.

Evidence to back up all of your data is also collected and held within the system to ensure auditability.

Product – Integrated Community Investment Solution

Integrated Community Investment Solution

We understand that sometimes your requirements are broader. Thrive Social Value can integrate seamlessly with Thrive CSR’s Grants Management and Volunteering Management systems to provide you with a comprehensive Community Investment software platform.

Integrated Community Investment Solution


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