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Social Value Consultancy

Whether you are just starting out along the journey and need guidance on what Social Value means to you, or you are already far along the path and want help to take the next steps, our team of experienced, independent consultants are here to help.

At Thrive Social Value we can help you determine your full social value strategy. We can help you with bid writing, bid strategy and bid evaluation. We can work through proxies and metrics, audit your numbers and help you create the reports that really mean something when you need to present them. Developing a comprehensive plan, communicating it to the business and showing the progress you have made are all key to fully embedding social value within your organisation.

Read on to see the different ways in which we can help.

Full Support

Consultancy Services


Are you at the beginning of your social value journey? Do you need help in deciding what you want to track and value and how best you should do that? Do you need to tie together existing features of your social value strategy, CSR programme or ESG offering?

We can offer you support on all of this; not only how to develop your social value strategy, but also how to translate this into practical ways to capture and report your activities


Bid Writing

Our team can provide support for the social value aspects of your tenders. We want to support our clients, giving you the edge against your competition to win more business. Bid support can go all the way from strategy and bid writing through to bid review and evaluation


Custom Metrics & Proxy Development

While the Thrive Social Value proxy and measurement tool comes built in to our software, you have the option to add your own metrics and proxies to keep your social value evaluation on track. Not sure what to use or how to put it together? We can help.


Audit Services

Making sure your approach and your data is both accurate and adequate is key when reporting back to stakeholders. We can provide quarterly auditing of your data plus an annual report, to make sure you feel confident on the credibility of your reporting.


Communications Support

It is important that social value is embedded across the business and understood by all involved, not just at a management level but also for those on the ground. We can help you with comms toolkits and plans to help embed social value within your organisation or to continue the progress you have already made.



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